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Isol-8 CUBE High Current Mains Conditioner
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High Current Dual Output Mains Conditioner. Power Amplifiers or Active Speakers. The original Qube was designed to isolate and fully condition power for demanding high power loads such as amplifiers and active speakers. It was a huge success, but its replacement, the all new Qube, is simply a revelation. The familiar enclosure design is now smaller and lighter, and houses a new filter topology, avoiding the need for an isolation transformer and lowering the load's loop impedance dramatically. Current-hungry components such as power amplifiers create the highest levels of mains borne noise in a system. Isolating them from the rest of the system with a Qube can provide appreciable sonic benefit. The Qube is still capable of passing huge peak currents, avoiding the dynamic compression effects on amplifier performance from other conditioners. Input is by a 32A Neutrik latching connector via a high quality double pole breaker. Huge custom air core copper foil inductors and silver plated PTFE insulated wire-wound chokes form the core of the powerful filter, which also guards against surges and spikes. Combining lightness of touch with a powerful punch, the Qube≥ is an elegant and truly effective solution to optimising the performance of any power amplifier or active speaker system.

Number of available outlets:  2

Type of outlets available:  13A UK or Schuko

Mains Inlet:  32A latching Neutrik

Dimensions:  W: 275mm
H: 265mm (plus 35mm for feet)
D: 265mm (plus connectors)
Weight:  21 Kg

Construction:  Stainless steel chassis with four // Titanium finish aluminium panels.

Mains Voltage:  200-260VAC

Maximum continuous Current:  20 Amps RMS

Protection:  Rear panel circuit breaker