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Red Dusk RCA Interconnects
Audio Cables
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Red Dusk is a directional, unshielded interconnect cable made of twisted solid-core silver cladded OFHC AWG26 conductors.

Each conductor is insulated by thick cotton. The cotton insulation is the first in its dielectric properties with an exception to air. A Dielectric Constant of Air is 1.0, cotton is 1.3, and Teflon is 2.0. Consequently, the insulating characteristics of cotton are much closer to air than those of Teflon, reducing further capacitance and inductance.


Cotton dielectric also plays an important role as a cushion in reducing unnecessary vibrations to secure real sound. It makes a natural and warm sound perfectly harmonized with silver conductor. By eliminating the unnecessary vibrations, while securing the original signal, natural cotton dielectric creates vivid and lively music. 


The two conductors are twisted together and the cable is then covered with two more layers of red braid providing an additional mechanical protection to the conductors. The connectors are made of gold plated  copper and are non solder type.


The sound of the Gekko Red Dusk is very open and natural. It is able to transfer subtle details and ambient information without distortion.