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Silver Cloud RCA Interconnects
Audio Cables
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Directional, unshielded interconnect cable made of two twisted solid-core pure UK silver (99.99%) AWG26 conductors. 

Each conductor is insulated by a thick unbleached cotton braid. The cotton insulation is the closest in its dielectric properties to air; the Dielectric Constant of Air is 1.0, cotton is 1.3, and Teflon is 2.0. Consequently, the insulating characteristics of cotton are much closer to air than those of Teflon, reducing further capacitance and inductance. 


Unbleached cotton dielectric also plays an important role as a cushion in reducing unnecessary vibrations to secure real sound. This results in a natural and warm sound perfectly harmonized with the silver conductors. By eliminating the unnecessary vibrations, while securing the original signal, natural cotton dielectric creates vivid and lively music. 

The two conductors are twisted together at 50 turns per one meter. The cable is then covered with two more layers of unbleached cotton providing an additional mechanical protection to the conductors. 


Gekko Silver Cloud interconnects are terminated with a custome RCA plugs utilizing thin-walled tubular contacts made of oxygen-free copper and silver. This provides distinct improvements in clarity, smoothness and dynamic range. Positive connections are silver cladded OFC, while negatives are silver plated OFC. 


The sound of the Gekko Silver Cloud cable is extremely open, natural and warm. It is able to transfer subtle details and ambient information without distortion or coloration. This cable will rival the best and the most expensive interconnects in the World.